Why Are The U.S. Drivers Afraid Of Self-Driving Vehicles?

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Tesla has been a huge success story in the U.S. automotive market. It has started a revolution in the auto industry by introducing self-driving vehicles. Not to mention, other industry leaders have started following Tesla’s path by launching self-driving models equipped with amazing features.

Regardless of how amazing this sounds, the ground reality is completely different. Most of the drivers aren’t comfortable with self-driving cars running around them. Here is why they are afraid of this idea.

Drivers’ Opinions About Self Driving Vehicles:

According to a study conducted by AAA, almost three-quarters of participants aren’t confident about driving an autonomous vehicle as compared to just 10% of participants who are excited about driving them. When it comes to people’s opinions about the safety standards of these vehicles, 34% of participants feel that they don’t have any concerns related to safety while driving an autonomous vehicle. Of all those who participated in the study, 85% of women are afraid of driving these cars as compared to 69% of men.

Most drivers are either unsure or believe that autonomous vehicles may not be able to make sudden decisions on the road for the safety of those inside the car as well as those on the road. They believe that even a single technical issue can put their lives in danger and leave them helpless. 

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