What Are The Causes of Employee Disputes?

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In the pursuit of a company’s goals, it is a common sight for employees to have differences in how they will work for the achievement of business goals. People have different personalities and values and this is best exemplified in the corporate setting. When the conflicting employees are not able to resolve their differences, the situation can escalate into a dispute. A Tucson business attorney will tell you that conflicts can have a huge impact on your business.

Emotions running high can cause a lot of stress not only on the employees involved but also throughout the while organization. Understanding the different causes of employee disputes can help managers discover a solution before things get out of hand. Employee disputes may stem from the following causes:

Poor Communication

Sometimes a simple miscommunication is one of the causes of employee disputes. It may lead to wrong assumptions and workplace gossip. Poor communication not only leads to conflict but also affects productivity and employee morale.

Differences in Personalities

When it comes to the workplace, not all employees are alike. They come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. Failure of the employee to understand each other’s differences is another reason for employee conflict.


Competition in the workplace is quite common and when it is healthy, there will surely be a favorable result. However, if the competition is unhealthy, it could lead to the creation of a hostile environment among the employees which could affect teamwork and individualism.

When employee disputes exist in the company, management must take steps in resolving such conflicts. This process is called alternative dispute resolution and must be initiated before the workplace dispute results to a court hearing. Alternative dispute resolution involves various methods such as conciliation, mediation, and arbitration. Management must put these measures in place in order to maintain cooperative and healthy environment for their workers.

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